Friday, 20 June 2008

New Temptations- the Flesh is Weak(ening?)

... from the Front Rank website. Would I could paint like this!

The Middle/Young Guard! Anyone doing the campaigns of 1813 or 1814 needs these stalwarts in their collection.

Okay, so I promised myself I would never do Guard troops. But I am sore tempted on whether to work these into my order of battle!

However, it would then only a short step to wanting to do my cherished Empress Dragoon regiment and Horse Grenadiers- and we all know that along that route lies madness.

The problem is compounded in that I also covet the forthcoming Saxons from Calpe, not to mention having already signed up to the War of the Austrian Succession Dutch that are (over) due to be released through Eureka's 100 club.

Whichever way I go, fortunately (?) July is bonus time here in Japan, and the budget may just call for an increase in military spending to cover a battalion or two. I can see that the French line will have to be fleshed out by those Perry plastics when they come "on line".

This hobby just gets better and better. I just need the time- and the self-discipline- to get down to some serious marathon painting. That or start looking at the
Sri Lankan option!