Sunday, 22 April 2012

Russians and Saxons Victorious... the 1st ever  La Bricole painting competition!

Bryce and Paul, (Greystreak and Lieutenant Hausmann respectively) submitted gorgeous entries for the competition.  Everyone who participated got two votes, and the results were close- only one vote determined the winner- in what was a very tight field featuring some really impressive painting.

Here are their winning entries, and very high quality work indeed. Click on each picture to enlarge.

1st Place: Bryce's Libavskii Russian Infantry Regiment (28mm Foundry)
Well done, guys!

I was very pleased to see that the winning entries featured two different sizes of miniatures, and that they represented troops from opposing sides of the conflict!  That should keep claims of bias at bay...

A lot of work went into the competition from a lot of great painters out there- I congratulate all of them, and look forward to our next contest.  Probably something a little less ambitious next time, so that the painting sloths like me will have a chance at actually finishing something!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Voting has begun on the la Bricole painting competition!  
Nine members were able to meet the (ambitious!) targets set out in the competition rules, and you can see their entries here ranging from 18mm to 28mm miniatures.  Some of the contributors are well known in various forums and in the wargaming blogosphere, and their artistry has not disappointed!

There really is some fine painting and basing in evidence, as well as some great work-in-progress by those who were unable to get past the finish line.  

I have my favourites, but I ain't telling yet...

Any registered member can vote in the competition, so drop by and show your appreciation.  I know a lot of people have been burning the midnight oil on this one! 

Voting is open for 14 days, until April 17th (Tokyo time).   I'll keep the counter on top of my blog here running until then. 

"And what of your Wurttembergers...?" I hear some people saying.  

My own entry stalled in March (surprise, surprise...not!), due to real-life interference, over-ambitious targets, and haste in ordering miniatures before checking to see what I would actually need.  I ended up having to do a number of conversions, which actually turned out quite well.  But more of this in a future post.