Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Distant Thunder of the Drums...

I realize I haven't posted here for a good while now;  the last couple of club games have been WW2 actions, as you can see here, so my hobby time has been devoted to that project in recent weeks.  

However, this December we we have another Napoleonics game using Black Powder coming up, now that Achilleas is available with his growing French horde, so it is time to put on my bicorne again and to sound the pas-de-charge. 

Not only that, but after spending the last month on plastic models and khaki drab for my Soviet army, my Nappy painting mojo seems to be back.  

"It's only a bit of cannister!  What are you waiting for,  mes amis?  En Avant!!!"

Today was a national holiday here, and I took the opportunity to work on some more sections of my long-neglected French and Russian artillery, which I hope to get finished before I hit the road/ air lanes for a couple of business trips over the next few weeks. The next three weeks are going to be hectic at work, but I've a couple of weeks off on the horizon, so I'm looking forward to some serious "Quality Time" with my paintbrushes.

A photo from our first Black Powder game.  As you can see, our collections are still very much works-in-progress.  But we are all steadily recruiting and training.  Since that photo was taken there have been a number of fully-painted stands ready to take the places of those who, had it not been for the exigencies of the service, would otherwise have failed inspection!

I'm sure by now it is no news to anyone reading this post that Calpe is coming out with a range of French Napoleonic infantry and artillery!  As it happens, the news came out just after I received my first order from Peter.   

Aside from the excellent service, I have to say I am impressed with the quality of sculpting and with the refreshing lack of flash and heavy mould lines.  Some quick work with a needle file, and they were done and ready for priming. 

And of course, Peter's new French range will be for the 1813 campaign; none of this hackneyed, done-to-death, 100-Days campaign fixation for a change.  So that means it will fit right in with my plans!  Safe to say that a battalion or so of these are likely to find their way into my recruiting depot.

Finally, that redoubt is coming along nicely.  I have it in mind for December's game scenario, so I need to get it finished within a few weeks.

I've added the duck-boards to the base, and have only the revetments to do now, along with some sandbagging around the tops.