"Official" Inspection Returns


(Painting progress as of January, 2011)

1/28e Légère 100% complete
-Ready to serve and to die!

2/28e Légère40% complete   
-Most have received clothing issue and are awaiting arms and accoutrements. Some fully-equipped cadres.

1/69 de Ligne25% complete
-Recruits paraded at depot and being clothed. Arms and equipment yet to be issued.

1/ 8e Art. au Pied (6 pdr.) 
-1st section ready to serve their Emperor and France! 100% complete
-2nd howitzer section ready to serve their Emperor and France!  100% complete

7e Chasseurs au Cheval80% complete
-Clothed, many are equipped. Mounted, but many horses are skittish and need to be broken in. Some supply deficiencies, but needs are currently superseded by those of the infantry.

Votre Serviteur 
Général Victor-Eugène BOUILLON-CANTINAT
Mayence, Spring 1813