The Wurttemberg Contingent

I'll be collecting painting, organizational and campaign information about my Wurttembergers here as a handy reference.  

Order of Battle, Grande Armée , August 1812 

IIIrd Corps, Marechal de France  Michel Ney

25th Division (Wurttemberg) : Royal Prince of Wurttemberg
(later General de division Marchand)

1st Brigade: Generalmajor von Hugel
  • 1st Line Regiment "Prinz Paul"     2 Inf. Battalions (27/1173)
  • 4th Line Regiment "von Franquemont" 2 Inf. Battalions (28/1235)
2nd Brigade: Generalmajor Koch
  • 2nd Line Regiment "Herzog Wilhem" 2 Inf. Battalions (29/1309)
  • 6th Line Regiment "Kronprinz" 2 Inf. Battalions (27/1220)
3rd Brigade: Generalmajor von Bruzelles
  • 1st Light Infantry Battalion (15/675)
  • 2nd Light Infantry Battalion (15/674)
  • 1st Jager Battalion "Konig" (15/668)
  • 2nd Jager Battalion (14/670)
  • 7th Wurttemberg Line Regiment 2 Inf. Battalions (joined later)
Artillery: Oberstleutnant Brandt
  • 1st & 2nd Wurttemberg Foot Artillery    (4/160) 4-6pdrs & 2 How each
  • 1st & 2nd Wurttemberg Horse Artillery    (6/250) 3-6pdrs & 1 How each
  • 12pdr Wurttemberg Foot Battery     (2/171) 6-12pdrs 


Histofigs has a great section on the Wurttemberg army here.  A good starting point, with wonderful uniform plates. 

From the Warflag site comes this useful article on Wurttemberg infantry flags.  
The price is certainly right (free!) but I'll be getting my flags from my usual flag pusher, Grahame at GMB Designs.


Although it looks at an earlier campaign than the one I'm focusing on, I've been re-reading my copy of Gill's With Eagles to Glory, which contains a fascinating chapter on the Wurttembergers.  
Although I'm very interested in the post-1812 period, the 1809 campaign against the Austrians comes a tantalizingly close second place.



Rafael Pardo said...

You can also try this link about Wurttemberg units:

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JP said...


You might be interested in a translation of the Crown Prince's letters from 1812. They give details on life in the contingent as it advanced into Russia in 1812:

I enjoyed your site, thanks!