Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Words fail me...

But only for a moment! I'm really excited about trying my hand at these. I am no stranger to plastic modelling, having worked on my share of Airfix and Historex 54mm models in my time and loads of armour, ship and aircraft kits.

I really like the idea of being able to convert individual figures and to "customize" the units. I've done a lot of conversions on my metal miniatures in the past, but plastic remains a lot easier to work with.

The fact that these come in a mix of habit-vests and greatcoats mean they will blend nicely with my Front Rank minis. There is a slight size and style difference, but in separate units they should do just fine, and a consistent painting style can give a unity to the look of the whole.

And not only is the price right, but one box contains exactly enough figures for one battalion of infantry using the General de Brigade rules.

I'm impressed enough to have just pre-ordered two boxes' worth- for a start.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering where the hell the 28e legere is, I've been experimenting with painting base textures and finishes for a while, and found some interesting ideas from Barry Hilton in the latest edition (#14) of Battlegames magazine. I've been taking my time on this, as first I need to pace down a bit after last month's marathon painting sessions, and secondly I do not want any last minute screw-ups on a whole regiment of minis through not trying out some sample finishes first. But it is looking good!