Monday, 31 May 2010

Happy Anniversary M. le Archiduc!

This week saw the third anniversary of Clash of Empires, Iannick Martin's (a.k.a Archiduc Charles) excellent site and home of the La Bricole forum.  

Iannick is one of those people whose whole-hearted enthusiasm for the hobby, and for Napoleonic wargaming in particular, has been instrumental in keeping the flame alive in me even at those times when I wonder if the whole thing is worth it. 

Even while I envy his project discipline (apparently beginning to crack these days, mind!), he has been both an inspiration and a good friend.

So as a present to Iannick, and as a mark of respect to his beloved whitecoats, here is a musical salute to the Kaiserliks.  

The Weiner Alexander March, an Austrian march written towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars to celebrate the Allied ascendancy, and itself a parody of the French Revolutionary anthem, Ça Ira.  It was also a favourite of Czar Alexander at the Congress of Vienna, hence the name.

Never mind the Prussian flag, it was a popular march that soon found its way into the Prussian Army book of marches, and can still be heard played today. 

Thanks Iannick, and keep posting!


Peter said...

I don't mind the Prussian flag. In fact I think it is quite fetching. But then I would wouldn't I!! 8O)

von Peter himself

Rosbif said...

Huzzah for the Archduke!

I thought I was good at finding esoteric things on the net, but this takes the cake! I might have to try and find 'Roast beef of old England" for my blog.

Thanks for your comments re. my blog btw.

Iannick said...

An entry dedicated!! (blush)

Thanks Robert, that's very nice of you and I appreciate the compliments. You know the feeling's mutual.

Yes, I know, my discipline is not what it used to be...(bows head in shame). I was told I would be more disciplined as I grew older...lies, lies I tell you! :-)

On the flip side, I think you will enjoy my TYW project, I know you like big units...