Sunday, 12 December 2010

Redoubts for the taking!

I finally finished that redoubt I was working on.  
View of the Tofusky Redoubt.  Russian Horse Artillery ready to dish out some Licorne cannister to Johnny Crapaud and his chums 

I'm really pleased with this one.  You can see more pictures here, where I've detailed the whole (at times heartbreaking!) story of its construction.  

With this project of the way, I can now work on getting some more miniatures done for next Sunday's game. Some French artillery, and more infantry.  If we decide to have another game in January, there will be some horseflesh on parade as well.


Docsmith said...

The Tofusky Redoubt is redoubtable! Great to see the progress of a serious project like that. Forgive the Philistines knocking your tofu habit - trouble is, outside of Asia (and particularly Japan) they don't make it as ingeniously tasty. From the crowd that invented the battered Mars bar I wouldn't take their criticism too seriously!

Look forward to some pics of the Tofusky in action (or rather vice versa!)


Robert said...

Thanks Doc, it was a lot of fun to work on.

When it comes to food, the WD3 coterie may well be Philistines, but they are a great bunch of (virtual) mates. Even if their idea of a balanced meal is to make sure that there is at least one green veg on the table (but which has first been suitably boiled into submission)!

There will definitely be pics taken of the game next Sunday, so stay tuned!

Rafael Pardo said...

Great job. I like the way the gabions blend with the rest of the earth material

Brian Schen said...
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