Wednesday, 5 January 2011

La Bricole recommissioned!

As some of you may already know, there has been a change of stewardship over at  La Bricole.  
La Bricole is a forum devoted to wargaming the Napoleonic wars, and has a small- but dedicated and very friendly- membership.

Over the past few months Iannick Martin, the forum's founder, has been finding himself with more and more demands on his hobby time.  By late December having to deal with a new job and various other commitments led him to the conclusion that he would not be able to keep on running the forum given the little time he had available, and that he would probably be forced to shut it down in the near future.  

On learning this, I offered to take over the management of the site myself, rather than to see it fade into oblivion.  

Iannick readily agreed, and as the old site was a real pain to use in many ways, we decided that this would also be a good opportunity to move the whole forum over to a more user-friendly format.  

So here it is!  You can find the new forum over at:

The emphasis at La Bricole has been on discussing Napoleonics very much from a wargaming perspective and with a love of eye candy in mind, but of course any contribution or question about the Napoleonic Wars would be welcome. We are a very laid-back bunch, with (so far!) none of the rancour that some Napoleonic discussion has seemed to generate.

Thanks to Iannick for his hard work with the forum over the years! It is much appreciated.


So for anyone who enjoys talking about wargaming in the Napoleonic period, please feel welcome to come over and visit the new site.  We would be glad to have you participate, or even just to lurk there from time to time.  But of course the old saying still applies; what we get out of a discussion very much depends on what we put into it!

Hope to see you there.


paulalba said...

Right you are Robert,
Will drop by as I haven't visited the site before.

All the best with it.

Have no idea where you find the time by the way!!!

Robert said...

Have no idea where you find the time by the way!!!

Heh, no kids!

I'm on a few weeks holiday right now so that I had the opportunity to do the "heavy lifting" part, which is setting up the forum in the first place. Once that is done, the whole things gets easier. And I enjoy doing this kind of thing, so it is a hobby in itself in many regards.

But it does cut into painting time!

Docsmith said...

Great stuff Robert - I will have no excuse now but to join it! I'd only be an occasional 'lurker' tho - 4 x kids to wrangle! Knowing of your web publishing talents I'll look forward to the new look 'Bricole'!


Rosbif said...

The king is dead! Long live the king!

I've missed the banter at the old Bricole. Thanks for resurrecting it.

PS. thanks for commenting on Junior Rosbif's blog. She was chuffed!

Robert said...

My pleasure on all counts, Rosbif!

And besides, I have three cats myself, so how could I possibly not want to comment on her new blog?

paulalba said...

Ahhh so that's why I am still getting figures painted too, no kids.

Robert is there any chance you could drop me an email as I have just been passed some info that I think you or a friend may be very interested in. Sorry couldn't find a way to contact you and don't want to post it here.

My email is:


Robert said...

E-mail sent.

Iannick said...

Thanks a lot Robert for keeping this friendly place alive. I owe you one ;-)