Saturday, 12 February 2011

Piling it on...

What with work and the hobby, I have been spending a lot of time at the computer and painting table over the last few months, not to mention spending hours on end sitting in planes and trains over the course of a number of business trips.  Mealtimes have been irregular and often I've found myself eating on the run. 

The result is that I have developed a severe case of the same ailment that Napoleon so infamously suffered from on the day of Waterloo.

Suffice to say that I have new-found sympathy for the man.   If I say it is a real pain in the butt, that would be true in every possible sense of the term. 

It's one of those things that can be found amusing only by those who have never suffered from it.  Concentration powers tend to go out the window, as does patience and the ability to sit in one place for any length of time. I am just grateful that I don't have to travel anywhere by bicycle, let alone on horseback.

So painting has to be done in very brief shifts, as does working at the computer.  Still, I have been able to do a bit here and there in preparation for our next game, and I have also gotten around to putting up a report on our last Black Powder game, which you can read about here.

Not a good day for the French, but the Brunswickers are no doubt making plans for world domination as we speak.

Now where is that cushion?  Hopefully this will soon all be behind me, so to speak.


Rosbif said...

AAAOOOOWWW!!!! It's when a body part doesn't work that one really appreciates how one takes it for granted. Keep that inflatable ring handy!

The Angry Lurker said...

Good report and sorry for your......incovenience.

Docsmith said...

Damn Robert! Look after yourself mate! That's the thing about our wonderful hobby - its soooo sedentary. I've also had health issues not helped by being a middle aged male spending many hours at the painting table (or in front of a computer). Take some advice from the Doc: the best cure is exercise. A good vigorous walk every day - and best first thing in the morning - will work wonders. A bit of movement will help... your movement! Seriously - take care. A good vigorous game of Black Powder must count as exercise too!


Achilles said...

oh man, that is bad! I really hope you recover soon! My brother has a similar problem but in his case its all due to stress... try to relax and as Docsmith said take long walks!

in the meantime prepare for the 27th...