Monday, 25 April 2011

Pining away

Yesterday saw the West Tokyo Wargamers hold its first gaming day since the big quake on 3/11, and it was great to see so many people turn out- even if it did mean space was cramped!

No Napoleonics this time, as Achilleas was celebrating the Easter holiday while Matt was playing host to a visiting friend, so instead I took part (sort of) in a fun British vs German WW2 game.  

However, I did get to meet a first-time visitor to the club, Rod, who is interested in doing 28mm Napoleonics and even has his own copy of Black Powder.   So at our next outing it in May it looks like there might be five of us playing Napoleonics! 

In the meantime, here is a work-in-progress photo of a quick and simple terrain project I've been working on.  
I've long been meaning to put some effort into "tarting up" our table with some better looking terrain pieces.  So inspired by an article I was reading in a past issue of Battlegames magazine, I took a hot glue gun and tacked down some old GW trees onto some unwanted CD's (after gluing card over the holes, of course).  

I then took some papier-mâché and spread it thinly over the bases.  When dry the papier-mâché set rock hard with no warping, and this evening I will be adding some patches of sand to the bases for more texture.  

After painting, I'll then glue down some foliage, fallen branches, and flocking around the bases so as to match our table mat.  

These are looking pretty good so far, and when complete I have some deciduous trees ready for the same treatment.

One of the discs is/was an old compilation of country music that somehow managed to find its way into my otherwise-country-&-western-free CD cabinet.  The only decent use I could find for it, in my honest opinion.  Sorry, Garth Brooks, but different strokes 'n all that.


Curt said...

Nice! Now, if I could just make the same use of my wife's 80's hair-band vinyl collection I could lay down the Black Forest in 28mm scale...

Also, like the video btw.

paulalba said...

Great to see you guys back gaming and 5 Naps players! superb!! Looking forward to some big Naps games in future with loads of cool terrain. I take it Achilles is back in Japan then?

Docsmith said...

Very nice work as usual but 'pine' no longer as you've now been nominated for an award. I know, you don't have to thank me - just pay-it-forward if you wish to indulge!

Take care - and good to see you back blogging!