Saturday, 14 May 2011

Black Powder Roster

The day before the game, and I'm painting my fingertips off trying to get the cavalry and artillery finished! 

I did manage to find the time to put together a unit roster for the Black Powder rules, which I heavily adopted from one that was posted in the Black Powder Yahoo! Group files.
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I just have the two more units to finish, and this brigade is complete.  

A few evenings ago I starting putting together my first plastic units- Perry French infantry and Warlord Games' Prussian Landwehr.  While the Perry offering is the best of the two, I've been enjoying working on both.  The Warlord models will be very simple to paint, and I'm getting to the point where getting units painted and on the table quickly is a much, much more important consideration that any amount of detail on the individual figure.  

I also realize that less is more, in that this time I'm not going crazy with different shades of greatcoats on the French.  Less variety "works" better visually, and the eye has enough to take in what with the elite company frippery, facings, and all that kind of thing.  Keeping things simple also speeds up painting time!

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Curt said...

Nice roster sheet! I like the incorporation of the images. What is the scenario you are putting on for your game?