Friday, 14 October 2011

If it's not broken...

...please don't try to fix it! 

As those of you who follow the "la Bricole" forum are probably aware, the site has been down for about a week now.

Although the site had been running just fine, Forumer, the people who host La Bricole, decided that they would migrate their forums to a new server, and La Bricole was among the first batch to move.

Well, it appears that those responsible for doing it have had more than their share of problems trying to get it up and going.   

Forumer hasn't been all that communicative about what exactly the problem is, or when we can reasonably expect the site to come up again.  But clearly someone in the tech team must be a descendant of the guy responsible for keeping that bridge up for the French army to cross during their retreat from Leipzig.

Anyway when- indeed if- it is ever up again, I'll post it here.

In other news, for those who haven't noticed yet Sada has posted the first pictures of his Perry plastic French, and very tasty they look too!  What with the new plastics on or coming on the market, and the recent releases in metal by the Perry twins, he also seems set on doing Russians.

We have already been tentatively discussing the possibility of a Borodino scenario for the bicentennial in 2012, and a scaled-down Salamanca re-fight is also a definite possibility.


Rosbif said...

Whoops, sorry Robert! I just emailed you for information about the forum. I guess I should have been a little more patient!

Robert said...

No problem, Rosbif- it looks like you have more patience than I've been having with Forumer these days!

Unfortunately, I can't even access the member database so that I could send everyone an update by email.

Forumer is a free service after all, and as they say you get what you pay for! *sigh*

Anibal Invictus said...

The guys running that forum were probebly employed at RIM BlackBerry before, isn´t ist? ;-))

DeanM said...

Nice stuff & great information; I love BP as well for Napoleonics. Best, Dean