Sunday, 22 July 2012

Entry for the Salamanca Summer Painting Challenge

Here are my entries for la Bricole's Salamanca Summer Painting Challenge.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the theme this time is vignettes, based on a stand not to exceed 120mm in any one direction. 

A while ago I promised myself not to start any new figures until I got all the semi-painted ones finished first.  Most of these are currently in various stages of déshabillé, mounted on bottle caps and waiting patiently for their turn under the brush.

(Achilles in particular insists on chiding me remorselessly about my disgustingly tardy chasseurs a cheval).  
"Paint us! Paint us!!"
The amount of painting that needs to be done is somewhat intimidating!  But I've been pretty good these days about keeping to the straight and narrow, and only adding to the queue those figures necessary in order to bring various battalions and squadrons to strength.

But the competition rules require that figures start off unpainted, so I have relaxed my own hobby regulations and decided on the following for my entry.

First, an army command base.  This is not completely an act of self-indulgence.  As a result of our last soul-crushing drubbing at the hands of the Allies, bitter experience showed that it is something our French army really needs.

These are a mix of Front Rank miniatures, with some some old Foundry foot figures and a lone plastic Perry French dragoon holding the general's horse.  An officer, waving his hat in celebration, brings news of a (rare!) tactical success for Our Side.  I should probably paint a look of suspicious incredulity on the faces of the staff.  
"C'mon, M. le capitaine, don't bullshit me!  Our right flank, he is routing, non?"
I've ordered some Perry miniatures "hangers on" to replace one of the two foot figures- just too much top brass on the stand as it is now. I need some junior officers milling about trying to look important.

Base is 100mm by 60mm.

My second entry will be a stand of the divisional fife-and-drum corps! This has never been a priority project, but I always wanted to do one ever since Front Rank released their splendid drum major, and the comp gives me the excuse I've needed to work on it. 

"'Da bear came over 'de MOUN-tain, de da, de dum dee dee DUM dum..."
I'm thinking that for our Black Powder games, having them accompany a multiple brigade-sized advance will +1 to any command roll, and units within 12" of the stand will +1 to their roll in any break test.

It may take some effort as drummers in particular are always fiddly and time-consuming to paint.  But it's also a chance to go wild with paint schemes, as the colonel's indulgence in fantaisie for the uniforms would be allowed full rein.  I may do a bit of surgery to one of the figures for even more variety, replacing the head of one of the drummers with one wearing a Polish czapka.

All figures by Front Rank.  Base is 60mm by 80mm.


DeanM said...

Looking great; I have that Front Rank drum major. Very nice stuff. Dean

Achilles said...

you mean. you 'still' haven't finished those chausseurs? oh the shame, the shame....

it has been said by the oracle at Delphi that the French shall secure victory once the horsemen are ready. :)

Getting back on the subject I think those vignettes look really nice. I have to say that the drum major and his friends look particularly good! I strongly suggest you paint that one first. Its quite unusual and once finished it will give you a beautiful centrepiece for your collection!

Brian S. said...

I'm really jealous of the drum and fife piece. That looks soo cool :-)

I'm sure you'll have a blast painting them.

paulalba said...

Any new figures is good progress so I wish you well with all, as Achilles says your drum major looks like a great start.

I have an AB French DM too that is crying out for paint so maybe this is the 1 and only time?

Der Feldmarschall said...

It'll be fun seeing these turn out. I threw my hat in the ring today as well. :)



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