Monday, 29 September 2014

The Sentinel of Cap Guano

Just a quickie post from my iPad. 

I've been in terrain-building mode over the past month, churning out bunkers and jungle vegetation for our Bolt Action games.  But I've also been working on this; a harbour defense gun tower.
This was intended to be a tutorial/ commission job for Giovanni, who originally just wanted a terrain piece to feature a plastic Italeri farm house.  Well, as we discussed it the concept grew from the original one of a fortified farmhouse, into something much more imposing! 

The baseboard is a sheet of MDF and foamboard.  I took a round cardboard gift box and added a tower and stairs from foam offcuts and wooden craft blocks.  The gun is a 24pdr naval cannon from Brigade Games.

The plastic building will be placed in the courtyard to house the garrison, so the finished model should be quite compact.  It will be finished in a warm, buff-yellow stonework suitable for the Med.

Which means Spain, inspiration, and a return to Napoleonics!  Giovanni and I have boats, Matt has Royal Marines and some Jack Tars, so in November we will be putting on a game where the entrepreneurial British descend on the Spanish coast to spike the guns and to see what other merchandise and prizes may be within their reach.

Time to re-read Hornblower and The Aubrey/ Maturin books for scenario ideas.  We'll need a wharf too.


r.a.e. gingerbhoy said...

Brilliantly constructed. Looking forward to seeing the progression.

Johnny Rosbif said...

Looks like you'll beat me to the punch with a naval scenario!

I'm eagerly awaiting to see what you'll do. maybe I'll get some inspiration!