Saturday, 25 April 2020

Time on my (carefully-washed) hands

Northern flags in south winds flutter..
Quarantine and teleworking in the Covidian Era has some advantages, one of which is that I finally have time- and moreover the inclination- to get blogging again.  

I haven't posted anything in semi-living memory, thanks to: 
  1. A dearth of wargames; while there have been games, these been relatively thin on the ground 
  2. Google messing with my log-in ID for Blogger, meaning I can only really use my desktop- and I don't use it as much as I used to.
  3. Wanting to preserve my eyesight for reading books, using the computer, or painting; choose two. 
I don't really think a lot of people were reading the blog anyway.

Not that it matters, I tend to use it for my own pleasure when I get that creative writing urge. But Google certainly haven't made it any easier for people to leave me comments on my blog, and indeed vice-versa.  

Except spammers, of course: they never seem to have any trouble. 

But all that said, I haven't been dormant and a lot has transpired on the gaming front.  There have been Napoleonic games, but also some new developments as well. 

These include (quite accidentally!) re-discovering the joy of naval actions in the age of sail using Osprey's Fighting Sail, getting back with a vengeance into the ACW with Black Powder/ Rebels & Patriots, and- at last- a serious foray into gaming the Sengokujidai period, as I finally get interested in samurai again.

Heck, I even finished a unit of Franks from the Late Roman period.

For now, some evidence showing a bit of what my brushes have been up to over the past year, as I think about how I want to organize future posts.


Gonsalvo said...

I especially like the Union troops, Robert!

DeanM said...

Long time no see, Robert. Great to see your wonderful brushwork and posting again. I can understand about choosing your endeavors when balancing health. Recently (past year or so), my left arm and shoulder blade have been giving me trouble; all the more when sitting at the computer and paint table. Oh, and I believe you had/have a fair amount of folks with interest in your posts. Hope you can keep it up. Warm regards, Dean

Robert said...

Thanks, both!

Dean, it doesn't help that I'm well over 6' tall, and the small desks here in Japan make it well nigh impossible for my legs to fit comfortably underneath them. I tend therefore to sit at an angle to the keyboard, which doesn't do my back any good.

I tend to make increasing use of my iPhone/ iPad, but neither are really useful for Blogger. And Google's password hoop-jumping: grrr!

I'll be posting more. My hobby mojo is pretty good recently, which means there are things I can finally post about!

Peter, I really enjoy painting ACW miniatures. These are Dixon figures, and I have always had a soft spot for them.

Take care, both of you.

Norm said...

Robert, your figures are beautiful. For a long time I managed blogger on the iPad using the 'Blog Touch Pro' App. It was very good for the mobile platform, though for a more 'perfect' solution I have since started using a Chromebook, which allows 'Blogger' itself to be used directly.

Chris V said...

Wonderful to read and see. And yes, your blogs are read!

Gonsalvo said...

You should be able to change tyour password with Google. I always use Chro,e as the browxer when working with Blogger - and Google docs if I want to make a table or similar.

I am 6'4" myself so Japanese furniture would be very challenging!

Robert said...

Norm and Chris, thanks for posting, and for your kind words!

Peter, yes, you'd struggle here!

I'm okay with blogging on my desktop using Firefox, although I'm primarily a Safari user. But on my mobile devices I often get caught in a Google "loop", when I try to log in. Apparently there is a workaround, but I've better things to do with my time.

I'll give Chrome a try.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Your painting is beautiful. Having only just discovered your blog, I will be reading.