Sunday, 19 August 2007

Photo teaser?

I've posted a photo I took of some of my miniatures. This is the command stand from my 28e legere. It really does not do the figures justice, but for the time being any picture is better than no picture at all.

These are of course Front Rank figures, with a few being heavily modified.

What with his magnificent white colpack with red flamme, and wearing a blue uniform with white trim rather than the green with yellow lace of the Imperial livery, the fifer (on the left) is in decidedly non-regulation costume. Clearly the colonel of the 28th legere is not a man to be troubled by the tedious regulations of M. le Capitan Bardin when it comes to fitting out his tete de colonne! The colpack was modelled from Tamiya epoxy putty. The officer in the dark blue greatcoat has had a head swap; the arms were chopped off, replaced, and repositioned so as to give him that enthusiastic "Vive l'Empereur" look so necessary to any French army.

Flag by GMB designs: not cheap, but the best in the industry and seeing as the flag is invariably the focal point of any unit there was no way I was going to cut costs here.

The figures were "posed" in front of "Schloss Altersschwach". My name for a card model of a castle I bought on one of my trips to Vienna some years back.

Apologies for the poor-quality shot. This was the best one I could get using my cellphone camera, which was basically designed for taking incriminating pictures at drunken and debauched karaoke parties, not for wide angle or close-up shots of miniatures. The lighting was also not what it could be and even after being tweaked around on iPhoto (I'm a Mac user) it is still pretty blurry. If I had made the image any larger it would have given everyone a headache just looking at it.

However, Iannick Martin (archiduccharles of TMP) wanted to see some of my painting so I thought I should put something up. His site showcasing his impressive Austrian army is one worth checking out, and is a must-see for any aficionado of the Kaiserliks. Would that I had his painting discipline! I've added his link to the sidebar.

I do need to get a decent camera and learn how to take proper pictures, but at least this is a start!

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