Saturday, 31 May 2008

En avant!!

Frankenstein's new laboratory! Note the "Tour de Joie" on the left. Amazingly, no cats are present.

It has been far too long- almost a year- since I last posted anything on this blog. The excellent progress Iannick Martin (TMP's "Archduke Charles") has been making on his blog recently has shamed me into getting off the "Imperial derrière" and updating mine- thanks, Iannick. I needed the kick-start!

Basically the problem has been that I've got more projects on the go that life has really given me the time for.

I've been working on a 6mm 1809 Austrian project, but it is proving hard going- the figures, while amazing for their size, have not "grabbed me" so far, and I haven't really found a painting technique for the little guys that I am satisfied with.

But also, to be honest, the past year has seen periods of lethargy and procrastination which haven't helped either! I have a room for painting and modelling, but I couldn't leave stuff out on the table as I need the space for other things as well (not to mention in order to keep brushes and minis safe from our three marauding felines).

This meant that every time I wanted to paint I had to drag out boxes of paints & brushes, clear off the table of other junk, and allow myself time after a painting session to put everything away again. This was getting far too much like work rather than what should have been an enjoying hobby.

Fortunately, a while ago I was able to acquire a useful set of plastic drawers that fit my needs- and the corner of the desk- admirably, which means that my brushes and paints are now within easy reach. And -gasp- I have found myself beginning to churn out figures again!

Another leap forward is that I had to replace my keitai (cellphone) recently, and the new one includes TV, a navigation system, and much more relevant to my needs a high-quality, 5-megapixel digicam! I've just started getting the hang of the beast- the instruction book is a bewildering 200 pages long- but here are some of the results, of figures that I have recently been able to finish.

Anyhow, back to the painting table- more to come, including some Russians which, when done. I will add to my "Skoryi Szag!" companion blog. Once I work on a decent backdrop/terrain I'll start adding pictures of whole units!

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