Saturday, 31 May 2008

French Legere Officer

Officer of Voltigeurs, French "legere" (light infantry). Converted Front Rank miniature.

Front Rank do make light infantry, but in the 1807-12 uniforms only. This regiment was wearing the more practical (and to me at least, more elegant) uniform of the 1812 Bardin regulations.

But as the "legere" were proud of their elite status, I wanted some officers wearing vestiges of their earlier, more flamboyant uniforms.

In this case, I modelled a busby ("colpack") and bag ("flamme") from epoxy putty- the original figure came wearing a shako- and added a plume from a Front Rank Russian.

With Tamiya epoxy putty or similar, a small drill and a few paper clips you can do wonders!

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