Saturday, 3 December 2011

Muckin' out...

Today is games' day at the West Tokyo Wargamers, but for the first time I have decided to give it a miss.  Just too much to do this weekend for me to be spending the better part of a whole day gaming.   I'll miss my "fix", but that gives me until January to get more miniatures and buildings done.  

November had been a busy month on the home front.  First I had to spend an inordinate amount of time giving the kiss of life to the La Bricole forum, which, except for a nagging refusal to remember passwords, is back to normal.  Then, what with the cooler weather arriving here in Tokyo, the Geisha-in-Chief and I took the opportunity to reorganize, clean house, and to go on a "possessions diet".  This meant throwing away or sending off to the recycling depot all those useless or seldom-used items that accumulate over the years.  We also discarded and/or replaced old furniture, and just generally arranged things so that life can be run that little bit more efficiently.  

It was amazing the amount of crap which had accumulated, and as the bags of garbage on the curb started piling up ever higher and higher, the neighbours had begun to assume we were about to move out.  

The "Great Purge" included hosing out the Augean stable that my hobby room had become, and I've never been more organized that what I am now.
While it still looks a cluttered mess, it is an organized cluttered mess, with everything put back where it should be.
The results were immediate, and I've been finding myself sitting down and painting Napoleonics again.  What's more, I've been enjoying it!

The voting on what theme we should choose is now over, so I've  been working on threshing out the details for the La Bricole painting competition.   

I've been thinking about what my entry will be.  One thing for sure, it will be painting figures I have rather than ordering anything new.  That lead mountain is distressingly high.

I've a number of posts to make over the next few days, including some reinforcements for the French.


John de Terre Neuve said...

Is that boxes of plastic figures on top of the bookcase? Wow!


Robert said...

A few! Four boxes of Napoleonics, the rest are 1/72- 1/76 scale kits for my WW2 armies.

We're planning a big Kursk game for sometime next year using Blitzkrieg Commander II. Actually I make better progress on my WW2 collection than I do on my Napoleonics. Largely because they are a lot easier to paint!

Itinerant said...

must be something in the air - way over here in St Louis I just posted that i'm working on my model room and other rooms as well.

We're also purging and donating a lot of stuff.

John, I had that thought as soon as I saw the pic - wow, that's a bunch of models to assemble.

Thanks for the post - inspiration to keep going.