Friday, 23 December 2011

'La Bricole' Painting Competition Launched!

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you out there.  It's been a pleasure chatting with everyone over the last year, and being able to take part in sharing the enthusiasm we all have for this wonderful hobby. 

This season marks a number of milestones for me.  As I mentioned, I celebrate my fiftieth birthday on Christmas Eve; and if memory serves, it is now forty years since receiving my first plastic Airfix Napoleonic figures as a present from my parents back in 1971. 

This month also marks the end of the first (tumultuous!) year of my stewardship of the La Bricole miniatures forum, having taken over from our honoured founder, Iannick Martin.  The good Archduke had gotten the whole thing going as part of his Clash of Empires blog. 

Last but certainly not least this happens to be my 100th post on Serrez les Rangs!  Let there be rejoicing, followed by the copious consumption of turkey, stuffing, fine wines, and mince pies.

And of course, what better way of celebrating all of the above than by the official launch of the La Bricole Painting Competition!

If any of you out there feel inclined to participate, please do, you'd be very welcome.  Starting Christmas day, the contest closes March 31st, so hopefully that will leave plenty of time for everyone to get their entries in.  The theme is common-and-garden line and militia units, so a good opportunity and incentive to add that solid and necessary "meat" to your wargaming army.

Although I obviously won't be contending for the prizes, I'm looking forward to it.  For my part, I'll most likely be entering some French cavalry and Wurttemberg infantry, which you will be pleased to know are still untouched in their box (largely because I haven't had the time to open them).


Curt said...

Merry Christmas, Robert and Happy Birthday Eve (well here anyway)!

I'm In like Flynn for the La Bricole painting competition. No idea what I'll do yet but I'll think of something.



Docsmith said...

The Big 5-0 is a conspicuous event - rivaling Christmas itself! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you Robert and we'll look forward to more wargaming goodness from Serrez les Rangs in the New Year!


Rafael Pardo said...

Being 57 myself it is a pleasure to see that the rest of the world also grows with me!
Regarding my hobby, it started 30 years ago in 1981!
Best regrads

Digger said...

All the best to you. I turn 50 on 3rd. January. And I think it was 1968 that I got my first Airfix figures. Little did we know what that would spawn.