Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Command Cadre of the 2/28e Légère

I've made the first significant progress with the second battalion of light infantry I've been working on.  

However, a few changes were necessary.  The original plan was to model the 1/6e Légère, under the recently-painted Major Guillaume Vendredi du Bonton.  

However,  I discovered first that the horse really wouldn't fit on the bases I had to hand, and secondly that I actually didn't have a first battalion flag.  I think I will simply promote the good major to a brigade commander at some point in the future, as I really like the horse and think he deserves a base of his own.  

So, I used a second battalion flag for the standard bearer, and the long-since finished (but hitherto unemployed) Hippolyte-Garçon de Vallée  suddenly found himself commissioned Chef-de-Bataillon of what will now be the 2/28e Regt. Légère
I won't work on the base yet, as I prefer to do that once the rest of the battalion ready to go.   
The rest of the battalion is still being worked on, but I find that the having the first stand ready to go feels a step in the right direction, and does make me more motivated to get their comrades all done.

A tip of the shako to Henry Hyde and Neil Shuck, as one of the reasons I've made the progress I have so far was that I remained task-focused to the accompaniment of past episodes of their conversation on all things wargaming in Neil's production View from the Veranda. Thanks, gents!

Finally, I have made a start on my new Front Rank Wurttembergers as one of the tasks I set myself for the la Bricole painting competition.  These are seriously nice miniatures, and should paint up both quickly and beautifully.

I'm pleased to say that I'm really getting a lot of pleasure out of my hobby recently.  Looking forward to another game, hopefully on the 21st depending on everyone's schedule.


Achilles said...

I am glad to see you painting!

I dont know what caused this painting fervor on your part but whatever it is keep it up!

Very good painting! Looking forward to the rest of the battalion!

Rafael Pardo said...

I like French Army... the promotion up the ranks is very rapid!

Achilles said...

P.S. you might want to check out the upcoming Russian High Command on the Perry site...

My wallet is hiding by itself...

Robert said...

P.S. you might want to check out the upcoming Russian High Command on the Perry site...

I saw, I drooled... My wallet has just been plundered of its contents in order to fund my new army of Wurttembergers, so it's safe- for now...

paulalba said...

Good to hear your getting pleasure from our hobby Robert, Nice work!!!

Just took a look at the Russian High Command and I'm all confused? How do I justify a 28mm Perry Russian army with the amount of 15mm AB Naps I have. There are so many figures you can hide around the house without the wife asking questions. 15mm figures fit neatly into small boxes but 28mm?

Der Feldmarschall said...

Very nice work! I always coming to this blog.

As for the Perry Russians... I knew I should of started my Prussian army project before they start showing the Russian stuff. Always love that painting of Kutuzov and his staff.


Der Feldmarschall said...

Oops, I meant I always 'enjoy' coming to your blog... :)

Robert said...

Either version sounds fine with me, Jason! ; )

Glad you enjoy the blog, it's always nice to know there are people getting pleasure from it.

I have lots- and I mean lots- of Russians to do myself. Once we get to a point where the French start to reach parity with the number of Allied units being painted here at the club, I'll switch targets and get working on them.

I'm interested in the 1813-1814 campaign, though, so no Kutuzov for me!