Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Under the Spreading Apple Tree

The village smithy stands.  Or it may be a chestnut tree, but I don't have a lot of confidence in my arboreal knowledge.
Neither am I all that sure it's a blacksmith's, it's probably just a barn of sorts.  What's most important is that it is another building finished and ready for the next game.
This is another Resin Building of Unknown Origin that I picked up in Vancouver back in the eighties. 

The more I look at it and at the last building I completed, the less I think that they were actually Gallia models.  I also have a two-story timbered cottage that I know for a fact is Gallia, and the  moulding was a lot cleaner than was the case for these two.  
This one was covered in bubbles, oozing resin eruptions, chips, and scars; it took a lot of work just to  make it look presentable. 
Still, when placed on a base and decorated with a GW tree, a barrel and spare wheel, and a pile of cannonballs painted up as a supply of (overripe) fruit ready for plundering, it looks decent enough for the tabletop.
Rear Window!
I'm glad to get these done, as it leaves considerably more room on the painting table to work on miniatures.  

There is one more building I need to work on for scenario I have in mind for the upcoming game on the 21st, and this one will be considerably bulkier!  The good thing is that I'm getting considerably better- and faster- at making buildings.


John de Terre Neuve said...

These are great looking building, I look forward to seeing the next.


DeanM said...

They look great; your hard work in fixed the one with casting flaws paid off well. Best, Dean

Phil said...

Very nice buildings!

Der Feldmarschall said...

These are looking very nice! Looking forward to the third.

Painting terrain is usually quicker and requires less concentration than I give my minis. They can be welcome breaks and sources of gratification.


SADA said...

It is very nice buildings!
I am preparing the road where width is wide to a slight degree.

Rafael Pardo said...

Nice buildings!
Best regards

Rodger said...

They both look great.