Monday, 10 November 2014

Loose ends

Yesterday I had the time, energy, and motivation to get some painting in.  Three particular ducks that haven't always been willing to get themselves into a row recently.

The latest finished product off my painting table.  This is a Ha-Go light tank, a resin model from Warlord Games.
A vehicle I've always liked the look of, and one of the most iconic in Japanese service- although it must have been a death sentence to have been serving in one when there were Sherman and Lee tanks around.  Or much anything else in the Allied arsenal for that matter.  

Still, with its two machine guns and light cannon it will be a welcome addition to my Japanese force.

I've also got back into painting Napoleonics.  The tank was done in between production-line painting of long black coats with red piping, which should be a clue as to what I'm working on now.


DeanM said...

Very nice work on this little tank. I still want to build a IJ Naval Landing force (in blue!) Best, Dean

Iannick said...

Love the tank, great job Rob!