Saturday, 15 November 2014

Trio of Tanks

The latest addition to my Japanese tank park.  A Warlord Games Type 97 Chi-Ha.  Painted and generally tarted-up since its last outing in a near-naked state.
This is one of the most iconic Japanese tanks, so having one in my force was pretty well a must. 

I tried to give this one more of a faded, worn and beaten-up look. 
To be honest, a bit of a swine to put together and paint; I didn't find myself developing the same "affection" towards it as I did the other two as I was working on it, so I'm relieved its finally done.  Can't really say why, it just didn't grab me the same way as the Ha-Go did.  

All three vehicles I've painted so far.  
Two more to go, a Chi-Nu medium tank and a Ho-Ro self-prepared gun.  

Earlier this week I cleaned up the parts of an LVT-4 for my US Marine force, another icon of the Pacific War from the other side.  It is a massive piece of resin, one I really am looking forward to painting.  But only once my Japanese are all done, and I've a bit of work to do there first.

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DeanM said...

Superb painting on all of these fine models.