Monday, 4 September 2017

Piccies and Purchases

"Come and get some, Rosbif!!!"
Following up on my last post, as promised, pictures from the second game we played on the day using Black Powder and the OHWG scenarios. 
First though, some retail therapy.  I've been guilty of a deplorable excess of book acquisitions these past few months, and most recently I just "pre-ordered" (is that actually a word?) this; a new Black Powder Napoleonic supplement from Warlord Games.   
A Clash of Eagles looks at the 1812 Russian campaign and beyond.  This one has me really excited.  I've long been waiting for something from Warlord on the 1812-1813 campaigns, which always seem to take a back seat to anything Waterloo and Peninsular.
To be honest I've found the Black Powder and Pike & Shotte supplements rather hit-and-miss so far; some have been great, others somewhat underwhelming.  But given my interest in the theatre, and what with coming in at an impressive 200 pages, I'm fairly certain there will enough meat to keep me satisfied beyond the obligatory potted history.
I'm sure there will be special rules for characters like Kutuzov, Bagration, Ney and others. I will ignore these, as I am not a fan of character rules in my games-  most of the characters the rules have covered so far would be commanding at a level way higher up the command hierarchy than that which most of our games are set. 
The eye candy will be bound to inspire, as it always does, and the special rules, stats and scenarios often give me food for thought.  The tool kit approach taken with Black Powder gives me lots of leverage here- we can use, modify, or reject them as we please.  
I'm looking forward to receiving them. And the Marshal Ney giveaway figure will be duly demoted to colonel, and as such will lead my French skirmish line.

Anyway, here are photos as promised from the second of the two games we played earlier this year using the scenarios from Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames rules.  This was based on the 1866 Battle of Langensalza as mentioned in the previous post.
I won't give any details on the scenario- buy the book!  Suffice to say it was fun, challenging, and it ended up a (very marginal) Allied victory, notable for the absolute massacre of French horseflesh before they could even couch their lances.  Memories of our games with Achilles all those years back...

Pretty- pretty useless, that is...
How to destroy a French infantry battalion in line by close-range enfilade fire in 3, 2, 1...
Col. de la Botomie, seeing caution as the mark of a poltroon, orders his French lancer regiment to disdainfully show their flank to Allied artillery across the river.
And then there were none...
"You kids get off my lawn!"
That's all for now- I've another AAR in the works, and some figures coming off the painting table.


DeanM said...

Great looking game and figures again, Robert. I saw the recent BP supplement news release. Great stuff with a lot of important engagements - that said, I have only French & British troops now.

Norm said...

Thanks - enjoyed. I hope the new Black Powder supplement is one of those things that simply becomes a pleasure to own ..... rather like the Rebellion supplement has.

Phil said...

"You kids get off my lawn!"...excellent! Beautiful troops and terrain, and very nice report!

Iowa Grognard said...

Eye Candy!

Puts me in the mood to use my brush today.