Saturday, 19 July 2008

A Potential Remedy?

"if you think this hurts, just wait till you get my bill..."
  1. Start gaming with what I've already got as soon as possible, and set myself a target date.
  2. Start working on some terrain.
  3. Make use of peer support.
  4. Remove other potentially distracting projects from view (aka clean the painting table!)
And that is what I have done, or am in the middle of doing.
Getting in some gaming is key. But how, when to do a decent-sized game of, say, GdB means painting and basing at least four or five units of anywhere between twelve to twenty-four miniatures a side?
The answer lies, I think, in getting "stuck in" using a rule set such as Sharpe Practice by the TooFatLardies. This is one of those "large skirmish" sets, is tailor made for 28mm, and should not only allow me to get some fun games in a small area (kitchen table!) but will also start creating a "narrative" that will help to keep me engaged in the project and which will encourage me to paint more.
I have already ordered a pdf copy of the rules, and they look like being a lot of fun- while clearly designed with the Peninsular War in mind, I shall transport them to the environs of Leipzig where they should do just fine.
The hassle may be reconciling the different basing needs between Sharpe Practice and a rule set like GdB or Shako. Frontage is no problem, as 15-17mm per foot figures seems standard, the problem is that skirmish games call for individual basing. I still need to think how I'll get around this one, but the problem is not insurmountable and I can always use temporary bases- the intention is to just get in some gaming.
It is an approach I may also apply to my War of the Austrian Succession project.
Working on terrain boards is another way to inspire, as a nice looking layout is central to what I am looking for in my wargaming experience. And I really enjoy the modelling aspect. I have a few buildings, but hanker after an enclosed farmhouse and in the short term at least a good-looking terrain cloth. It will also give me some variety as I can reward myself for getting a unit painted by doing a terrain piece.
Keeping a table free of distracting toys is self-explanatory. But the key to keeping on task and on target must be the peer support, and this is where I have to thank Iannick Martin ("Archiduc Charles" from TMP) for suggesting that we set ourselves some painting targets and encourage each other in our progress. He has a wonderful collection of Austrians and, more recently, French, so hopefully I can pick up some of his positive- and productive- vibes!

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