Thursday, 31 July 2008

Pumpkin time approacheth... midnight tonight.
I lost another evening's worth of painting yesterday to an unanticipated outbreak of urgent tasks on both the work and home fronts, and tonight I have about three hours to make the cut.
Let's just say that I know how Napoleon felt on those final assaults on the ridge, all the time glancing over his shoulder praying for success before the Prussians arrived!
Friday sees me up at 4:30 am(!) and out all day on a business trip, so after I get back on Saturday I'll grab the camera and all shall be revealed.
One thing I do have to concede defeat on already is the skirmishers, but they are not that far from completion and will certainly make it by Monday- close enough to the deadline I set myself so that I'm not overly concerned, but my priority now is getting the batallion finished. By way of compensation I have painted a brigade commander and aide de camp!
I'm already thinking about how to get started painting the horses for the 7e chasseurs a cheval, and indeed am looking even further ahead to the next stage of the project. Russkis next time, I suspect, with a French line batallion and artillery battery also on the horizon.

"Uh, Sire, perhaps we should, you know, like...hurry up or something? "

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