Sunday, 20 July 2008


Bassoonist, 7eme Chasseurs à Cheval. Note the pink facings!

So here we go! I thought it best to keep my targets modest at first, as they have to be reasonable if I am to have any chance of achieving them.

By the end of the month I want to get the following unit finished:
  • 28eme Régiment d'Infanterie Légère - to be completed by July 31st. 24 figures + four voltigeurs.
This will be followed by a regiment of light cavalry:
  • 7eme Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval- to be completed by August 17th. 12 figures.
This will clear the painting table of two units that have been in painting purgatory for ages- indeed, much longer than I am willing to admit here! The light infantry are about 70% complete so I believe I have set myself a reasonable target, while the chasseurs have some way to go- they are about 15% done. Both to be duly photographed upon completion and and put up here.

If successful, I shall name the good colonel of the 7eme chasseurs in honour of Iannick Martin! (Thus I have someone else to blame should they get routed off the table in their first engagement...). While only 12 figures, getting these painted by the deadline may prove a challenge as I have never been a fan of painting horses with all those straps, reins, and various nooks and crannies that the paintbrush never seems to want to go.

Once these guys are done, the next up will be a unit of line infantry and some Russians, along with a scenario for a skirmish game. This should be fun, as I can start coming up with ideas for the character attributes I will need for the "Big Men" using the Sharpe Practice rules.


Iannick said...

Ooooh...Pink facings!!!

I love pink! The 7e Chasseur is superb! I can't wait to see these Robert. If the few figs I've seen from you are any indications, these will be pure eye candy.

Robert said...

The 7eme is a favourite of mine, too, Iannick. I just hope I can do the regiment justice!

There are selections from the memoirs from one of the officers of the 7eme Chasseurs a Cheval in Digby Smith's book on the Battle of Leipzig. Really makes the unit come alive!