Saturday, 12 December 2009

Iannick's Law...

I'm sure many of you may know of Iannick Martin.   1809 Austrian aficionado, fellow Canadian, and the Master and Commander of the La Bricole forum.  Well, he has often told me that his secret to his painting productivity is to paint up one unit before even looking at another.

Sound advice, if rather daunting-  I have shelves full of wargames figures in  progress, all in different stages of completion from primed and basecoated to almost completed, with every other stage in between.

Having just returned from a business trip, and having been on a painting roll recently,  I can look forward to a few weeks off starting on the 19th, so starting today I will focus on getting at least some of these bits and pieces completed and out of the way.  This means some Napoleonics here, some War of the Austrian Succession figures there, and some ACW and Ancients in between.  This will be in addition to my WW2 project, but as many of the figures staring reproachfully down at me from the bookcase shelves are actually not that far off from being completed, it is just a matter of conquering the "do-I-really-want-to-paint-that-tunic-piping?" lethargy and just getting down to business.    

But I'm confident enough of my new-found painting discipline so that you can look forward to some small but steady progress and some more eye candy towards the end of the month.

And maybe this fellow will see the light of day!


JAM said...

I agree with Iannick that it is difficult to accumulate armies unless you paint in units. I set myself the task of painting the VI corps of the French Army of Portugal (a very big unit) about 3 years ago and I find it hard to believe that I am almost there. I do wander off every now and then, but I usually do not stop on 1 bat unit until it is completed. It helps to be compulsive!!
Look forward to seeing your DEcember output.


Robert said...

"Look forward to seeing your December output."

Me too! As far as Napoleonics are concerned, I'm expecting to get an infantry battalion completely done (a total of 30 + 6 voltigeurs in skirmish order) along with an artillery piece and, if I can keep up the pace, a light cavalry unit.

Iannick said...

Nice advice. That Iannick dude seems like a wise fellow :-)

A completed unit Robert?! Oooh...I wanna see I wanna see! If the tidbits we saw are any indication, it should be one nice looking battalion!

Robert said...

"Nice advice. That Iannick dude seems like a wise fellow :-)"

Yeah, modest, too! ; )