Sunday, 13 December 2009

Just because...

It rather suits the theme of this blog and I've always liked the tune.  Not to mention the nice beige greatcoats. 
Boots seem to be in need of a bit of repair, though.


Rafael Pardo said...

A good interpretation of a beautiful song.... and the bearskin seems too new, isn't it?

P.S. Sorry, but my previous comments has too many typos!

Robert said...

No problem- one click of a button, and the first post is gone forever!

I had the same thought about the bearskin. But on reflection, and given what the cost of a reproduction bearskin must be, if it were mine I'd be extremely reluctant to let it roll around in the dust and mud, no matter how authentic that may have been!

Iannick said...

A classic. Funny thing is French have stopped using 'blonde' in the sense of girlfriend a long time ago.

Québécois/french canadian are the only one still usign it in that sense.