Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas!

Start today!

Vacation time is here- for me at least, as the resident Paymaster General will be working for another week.  That leaves me lots of time for cleaning, shopping, yanking the cats off the Christmas tree, and of course painting.

I've been making good on my promise to myself to get working on my Napoleonics.  I've almost finished one stand of infantry- just muskets, metalwork and some lining in to do- and I did manage to finish this voltigeur officer of the 1/28eme, Capt. Gaspard Hourteulle, from the Dordogne region of la belle France.  

He'll be leading the voltigeur company of the 1st battalion when it is deployed in skirmish order.

In common with many of the officers of the 28eme legere, he wears  the green leather gloves awarded to the the officers of the regiment by Napoleon's stepdaughter,  Hortense de Beauharnais, as a reward for "services" (unspecified) by their regimental commander, M. le Colonel Claude-Julien St. Peur. 

You can see the gallant colonel himself, if you just scroll down to the bottom of this previous post.

As stuff gets finished, I'll try to get some pictures up on a regular basis over the next few weeks- subject to the demands of the season's festivities, of course!

 * Be warned- as you may already know, I make a lot of this stuff up as I go!


Docsmith said...

I do like Gaspard and his natty green gloves (what service did he indeed provide to Pauline I wonder?) BTW - I've just mentioned on my blog how good yours are - those blog mastheads are a nice bit of design. Merry Christmas to you and yours.



Robert said...

Duly, acknowledged, appreciated and reciprocated!

Thanks so much.